Scalp Microblading: Risk Associated With It

Scalp Microblading hair loss treatment

The recent hype of scalp micropigmentation comes with many worrying consequences. Hundreds and thousands of eyebrow microbladers are making their way to the scalp micropigmentation industry. Many people are calling scalp micropigmentation to be the next big thing.

Microblading has created some wonders in the world of permanent makeup and tattoos. It delivers hyper-realistic eyebrows that can look real to the naked eye. The permanent makeup art world experienced some intricately executed work with microblading. Various techniques, blades, and inks developed to pull off this extraordinary work of art.

Microbladed eyebrows look natural and draw significant attention to them. Some people may opt for perfectly defined brows, while others may find irregular, fluffy brows to be more beautiful.

The popularity of microblading caused practitioners to find other areas of application. There are cases of pubic hair micro bladed that can look attractive but are not accepted universally. People also opt for facial or other body parts microblading.

Effectiveness of Various Hair Loss Remedies

Microblading can produce real-looking individual hair strokes on your eyebrows. It boosts your eyebrow aesthetic by delivering the most realistic hair strokes. However, providing the same result on your scalp is more complicated than it seems. Why?

If you take a close look at various parts of your body, you will notice that they have variations in appearance, color, skin texture, thickness, and pallor. The face, elbows, scalp, and palm of the hands have the maximum variations. With age, these variations become more defined in most parts of our bodies.

Scalp microblading is a recent trend and an increasingly booming business. However, it comes with certain consequences that are often overlooked by people.

Hair loss or thinning hair is a traumatic experience that shatters your confidence. Since the Roman era, people have been looking for various hair loss remedies to regain their lost hair. If you are suffering from extreme hair loss, the first thing you will look for is a robust solution.

It is usual for people to find ways to regain their self-esteem and walk around with their heads held high. Walking with a bald head is not something that anyone will want. Plugs or transplants are ridiculously expensive. Moreover, if the transplants are successful, they look unattractive because of their unrealistic touch. Often transplants are unsuccessful, and they leave behind horrible scarring.

People also use topical treatments to treat their hair loss. Topical treatments offer a slow result with a lifetime commitment. Moreover, it becomes costly to make a repeated purchase of topical hair loss solutions.

Scalp Micropigmentation as a Hair Loss Remedy

Scalp micropigmentation has evolved as a reliable remedy to help with bald patches or noticeable scars. SMP uses a tattooing mechanism to replicate the hair follicles on your scalp. The specially formulated ink and tattoo device can produce realistic hair follicles. Skilled technicians will create a scalp look by eliminating the shiny appearance of your bald head.

It creates the appearance of a shaved head with small hair follicles. SMP requires considerable time, judgment, and concentration. It has been an affordable and life-changing solution for thousands. So is SMP incredibly useful for people with hair loss problems?

Microblading for eyebrows is a successful treatment. However, when the same process is applied to your scalp, the result may often get disappointing. The skin on our scalp is unique as it is the thickest layer of skin present in our body. The skin is also strongly connected to the scalp and underlying connective tissue.

The scalp contains thousands of follicles and hundreds of oil-producing glands. Hair loss occurs when the follicles fail to produce a hair shaft either temporarily or permanently.

On healing, most of the micro bladed scalp gets blended, blurred, or turns gray or blue. Another drawback is that micro bladed hairs stay put when the wind blows, revealing the real story behind your hair. Moreover, our scalp generates oil, which gets mixed with the ink from the SMP treatment. This causes the hair strokes to get blotchy and blurry.

If the SMP practitioner uses too deep implants, the ink will mix with the blood vessels of your scalp. It will alter the color of the original ink and make the follicles appear greyish or bluish. Also, exposure to pollutants, UV rays, and other irritants may cause the SMP to fade away soon.

Only a skilled artist can pull off the SMP to some extent. Before opting for an SMP treatment, you should realize the risks and limitations associated with it. If you are a tattoo practitioner, then look for other areas to expand your work.