Scalp Micropigmentation Aftercare

Your scalp micropigmentation journey doesn’t end with the treatment. To maintain the results, you have to take proper aftercare measures. Aftercare will affect the outcome of your SMP treatment. Taking proper care of your scalp after the treatment will down the fading process.

Hundreds of small perforations are done in your scalp to inject pigment. Due to these tiny scabs will develop on your head. You need to refrain from itching or peeling these scabs off. The skin will start to heal soon, and new skin layers will form where the perforations were made.

Your scalp micropigmentation will look completely natural once the scalp is healed. You should follow an aftercare routine to maintain a healthy scalp.

Aftercare tips for the next 30 days following your treatment

Your scalp will be overly sensitive to harsh chemicals or water during the initial days after the session. You should avoid saunas, chlorinated pools, steam rooms, tanning beds or excessive sweat for a month after your session. Keep your scalp clean and prevent it from getting wet for 28 days. It will help your scalp pigment to stay for a longer time.

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For the initial five days

You should drink enough water to improve hydration and keep continuing the prescribed medication if any. Lightly dab your scalp with a wet cloth to keep it clean. You can wear a shower cap or skull cap while you shower or sleep to keep the scalp healthy.

For the first five days after your treatment, you should restrain from the following:

  • Strenuous workout and sweat: Excessive sweating will slow the healing process and make the scalp unclean. Try to stay away from the gym, intense training and other activities to keep sweat at bay.
  • Avoid chemicals: Stay away from scrubbing, shampooing or conditioning your scalp. It can interfere with the healing process and open the wounds. The chemicals will react to your delicate new skin and can have after-effects.
  • Avoid sunburn or suntan- Exposure to prolonged UV rays of the sun will cause damage to your scalp pigment. You will face premature pigment fading if you don’t refrain from direct sun exposure.
  • Shaving and touching: Shaving will peel off the skin while it’s healing and lead to irritated, damaged skin. Also, repeatedly touching your scalp with unclean hands will introduce germs and bacteria. It may lead to a scalp infection.

From day 5 to 10

Your scalp will be in a much better condition by now, but you should keep up with the aftercare to maintain the healing process. You can gently rinse your scalp to eliminate dirt and keep it clean. You can apply a fragrance-free and natural moisture to fast up the healing process. You can do light exercises and trim your hair slightly if needed.

For the following five days, you should refrain from the following:

  • Peeling off skin or scratching your head: Your scalp will get itchy, and scabs will develop. You should avoid scratching, picking or peeling off scabs.
  • Using chemicals: Avoid using products on your scalp that may irritate your skin. Refrain from using products with high alcohol content.
  • Exfoliation- Scrubbing, exfoliating or shampooing your scalp will interfere with the formation of new skin.

From day ten onwards

Your scalp would have healed by now, and you can resume your everyday activities. You can now visit your artist for the follow-up session. You should wash your hair before appearing for the next session.

Some extra care will go a long way to make your scalp micropigmentation stay fresh and healthy. Contact your SMP specialist if you need any help. At International Hairlines, the skilled technicians will help you with the aftercare process and ensure that your SMP treatment becomes a success.

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