Scalp micropigmentation offers a wide array of benefits when compared to hair transplant and other hair loss treatment options. However the outcome of scalp micropigmentation, just like any procedure, depends wholly on the technician in charge of the procedure. And due to the tremendous acceptance of SMP worldwide, there is a large number of practitioners out there offering poor SMP service in attempts to enter the booming market. Consequently, leaving their patients with an even worse problem when the procedure eventually goes bad.

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Why Do Procedures Go Bad?

There is a wide range of errors that could occur during SMP, however, only three (3) are highly rampant. They include the application of;

  • incorrect pigmentation depth
  • incorrect type of needle required
  • incorrect pigment
  • poor hairline design
  • lack of layering and/or texturing

If you notice some irregularities and feel your treatment isn’t up to scratch, your best bet is to stop your provider from adding any more pigmentation immediately. Once done, do not hesitate to contact International Hairlines so we can correct your micropigmentation procedure!

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