Scalp micropigmentation cost in Florida

Scalp micropigmentation is gaining increasing popularity due to its ability to offer a permanent solution to hair loss with immediately visible results. It is a detailed and intricate procedure, so you need to be fully aware of the process. If you are thinking of undergoing the process, the first thing to strike your mind will be the scalp micropigmentation cost.

Pricing of Scalp Micropigmentation

The cost of undergoing SMP depends on various factors relating to the treatment like the kind of procedure availed of, the area of your scalp that is required to be covered, hair density, scarring, style opted for, treatment time and hair loss stage. However, the average cost in Florida ranges from $400 – $1600 per session of the SMP procedure, and treatment may require between 2 – 4 sessions. Touch ups typically cost between $400 – $800. The SMP lasts for a number of years without the need for maintenance which makes the process cost-effective.

Scalp Micropigmentation Financing

The first question that comes to the mind while doing a booking for SMP consultation is: Can I get financing? The answer is “Yes“. International Hairlines has partnered with Cherry Payment Plans, who offer low monthly payment plans to cover procedures many health insurance plans won’t cover.

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How to find the best priced SMP Treatment Centre?

SMP is cheaper than undergoing a hair transplant. However, it involves the investment of a significant amount, so it is essential to opt for the best-rated SMP artist. Compare the prices of various artists offering SMP treatment to get a fair value of the average price.

Don’t settle for cheap treatments as it can ruin your look and harm your scalp. Choose an expert who is certified and reputed in his job. Ask for testimonials and portfolios to trust them completely.

International Hairlines provides exceptional results at reasonable prices to help you deal with hair loss and scalp conditions. Their artists are renowned for top-notch smp treatment services. They have provided a breakthrough in SMP, Florida. It is essential to settle for the best while availing of an SMP treatment.

What factors determine the price of scalp micropigmentation?

Rates are quoted depending on various factors. The hair specialist will decide the SMP cost depending on four primary elements.

The treatment area

The extent of your hair loss and the cumulative area of the SMP treatment determines the cost. The most common issue among clients is male pattern baldness. The Norwood Scale assesses the stages of hair loss and balding. It consists of 7 stages, starting with a baseline.

The first stage is where no significant hair loss is detected, and it gradually progresses to more severe cases. In the last stage, the hair pattern forms a “horseshoe”, leaving hair only around the side and back of your head. After determining your coverage area, the specialist will state your price.

Skin Type

The process and cost are highly dependent on your skin type. If you suffer from an extremely dry and flaky scalp, your specialist will have to put in more commitment and care. Inflamed or sensitive skin needs a different form of application and extra time. Scalp covered with burns, moles and acne has to be dealt with utmost care.

The pigmentation is injected into the scalp, so the thickness of your skin is also a crucial factor. More thick skin needs detailed work and increases the cost. Consult your specialist to know your skin type and the corresponding price.

Hairstyle and density

If you opt for a style and hair density that requires to replicate more numbers of hair follicles your smp cost will go up. The replication of hair follicles requires a complex and detailed work which influences the cost. If you do for a simple style and basic density coverage, it will generally cost you less.


Covering up scars requires more time, tools and specialization. The process of camouflaging huge scars is an artful task and makes the treatment relatively costly. The reason for this increased cost is that it is challenging to work on scar tissue and replicate tiny hair follicles. If you have lighter scars, the procedure gets a lot easier.

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