Can SMP be done on Blonde or Red Hair?

SMP for Red & Blonde Hair

Facing hair loss is a common problem people face at different ages. Some experience hair fall earlier while some at late stages. But severe hair fall can damage your confidence. But, the invention of SMP has become a savior for people. However, people still don’t have much information about SMP.

In this blog, you will know everything about SMP for blonde and red hairs. And you will also know if SMP can be beneficial for your hair or not. So, read below to know to about it in detail.

What is SMP, and how does it works?

Have you heard about the microblading of eyebrows? It helps in giving your eyebrows a fuller look. Thus, SMP is similar to that. This process is done on the scalp to give your head a fuller look. The full form of SMP is Scalp Micropigmentation.

However, they may fall into the same Micropigmentation category, but the process is slightly different. The purpose of SMP is not to develop artificial hairlines, which are done in microblading. Instead, layered dots are created in different shades. This style of micropigmentation is also called pointillism.

Hair Color for Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp pigmentation has gained rapid popularity in the past several years. One of the main reasons is that it is effective for both women and men. Hence, people suffering from hair problems such as receding hairline, thinning hair, alopecia, etc., can opt for this solution.

In this treatment, a different ink which is known as pigment. These pigments are organic, which means they will not separate into green and blue hues later.

Matching the Pigment According to the Hair Color

Every client has different requirements. It is the responsibility of the SMP expert to match hair color perfectly. To do this, they dilute the black pigment with distilled water. Hence, this water is slowly added to create a lighter color.

On the other hand, the artist will not add more water if the hair color is dark. Moreover, creating different hair color pigments is not an easy task. It requires an experienced individual to achieve the best results.

SMP for Blonde and Red Hairs

People having blonde hair don’t need to worry if SMP will work on them or not. It is because they can undoubtedly go for SMP if they have blonde or red hair. The artist will add distilled water in drops to achieve a lighter color. Hence, they will do this until they get the right hue.

The Skin Tone

Apart from that, skin tone also plays a crucial factor in color correction. If this is not done correctly, then it may happen that the ink appears faded. Also, if the ink color is too dark, then it can give a fake appearance. Overall, it will look different from your natural hair.

People Prefer Natural and Softer Skin Tone than a Defined Hairline

There is no doubt that SMP is possible among people having lighter skin color. But, the process can be a little bit different for those having darker hair. Hence, softer SMP treatments are better as compared to creating a defined hairline.

Extra Sessions for Perfection

The SMP artist may decide to take extra sessions until the look is finally completed. It may not be required for darker skin tones. But for lighter and red skin tones, they can start the process with lighter colors. As a result, it will give the perfect hair color.

Size of Hair Follicles and Thinner Skin

People having lighter skin tones have thinner skin. That’s why lighter pressure with smaller dots is applied. An experienced SMP artist will be aware of this and take care of this fact.

Changing Scalp Color during Micropigmentation

Are you looking to change the color of your scalp? Then, you can do it with SMP as well. Thus, you can ask for customization of your scalp during the scalp micropigmentation process. So, whether you want lighter or darker hair, just ask your SMP artist.

Therefore, it is also one of the best ways to get a new hair look. So, whether you have blonde or red hair, you can easily choose whichever color pigments you want.

Is Scalp Micropigmentation Painful?

Well, it depends if the process is painful from one person to another. To reduce the pain, the SMP artist will thoroughly apply the numbing cream to the scalp. But, you should remember that you may feel some discomfort during the process.

Things to Keep in Mind After Completing SMP Treatment

These are the important things that you should take care of when completing your final session of SMP treatment.

  • Prevent doing any heavy exercise for up to five days after the final treatment.
  • Don’t go out in the sun until 28 days after completing the treatment. It is better to use sunscreen with SPF-50.
  • Thirdly, you should also avoid going to swimming, steam rooms, saunas, etc., for up to 28 days after the treatment.
  • You should moisturize the area after completing the fourth day of the treatment.

In conclusion, now you know if SMP is possible on blonde and red hair or not. It is best to opt for the best SMP artist for effective results. So, get ready for the treatment for a fuller hair look.