Does SMP work for Dark Skin Tones?

SMP for Dark Skin Tones

Scalp micropigmentation can help to cover any bald patches or scar marks effectively. This non-surgical hair pigmentation process is attracting the eyes of many. However, people still have certain questions regarding the effectiveness of Scalp Micropigmentation. If you are questioning whether the pigmentation will show through your dark skin, then the answer is yes.

How will the Pigment Look on Dark Skin Tones?

The process of scalp micropigmentation is similar to the tattooing mechanism. Tiny needles are used to inject pigments in your hair follicles. Delicate strokes are made to make the treatment look natural. Will the pigmentation look the same on a person with darker skin shade and a person with a lighter shade?

The hair follicles of a person with a brownish or dark skin tone are usually larger. A lighter-skinned person will need less pigmentation and strokes to cover the head adequately. To fill the head of a darker-skinned person, the hair expert has to inject more ink to the hair follicles.

The process is still the same for all people irrespective of their skin color. SMP is equally effective on people of all skin tones. However, extra usage of pigment will have no side effects on you.

Which Pigment Shade Will Suit your Dark Skin?

Tattoos of various colors are visible on different skin tones. Similarly, SMP uses the process of tattooing to make your hair follicles look darker. The pigment used in SMP is more resistant to color change than tattoo ink.

There are a plethora of shades to choose from for people of all skin tones. You can select the one which suits your hair color and skin tone perfectly.

Your SMP physician will also help to pick the best shade for you. You can be assured of the SMP process and its effectiveness.

Select the right artist got your SMP treatment

The best SMP specialist has the experience to adapt to all hair types and skin tones. Scalp Micropigmentation recreates the look of your lost hair strands and works equally well on all skin colors.

The process of application and the pigmentation shade will make all the difference. People with darker skin usually prefer a bolder and sharper hairline. To fully recreate the thick natural hair, the best hair artist will draw large hair follicles. You will get a replica of your dark and thick hair by working with the right artist.

Scalp Micropigmentation Options for Dark Skin

If you suffer from hair loss or alopecia, then SMP is the best option for you. The best SMP physicians are fully aware of all hair loss issues and skin types.

To create a visibly defined and sharper appearance, your artist will use darker pigments. You can discuss your hair requirements with your SMP artist to arrive at the best result. The scalp technician will decide the number of sessions required depending upon the complexity of your choice.

Smaller hair follicles look good on people with a lighter shade. For a dark skin person, the right artist will ensure that the pigment is strong and more lasting.

What about Pigmentation Fading?

The SMP treatment creates a semi-permanent look which lasts around 3-4 years. However, in lighter shade people, small dots of hues are injected to create a more natural look. This fades away after a certain time.

In darker people, the SMP usually lasts long. Artists create a more defined style and hairline in dark-skinned people to ensure the longevity of the treatment.

It is easier to maintain the look of SMP treatment in dark-toned people. In some cases, the results are better in darker-toned people than people with lighter shades.


You can find dark-skinned people beautifully flaunting their SMP treatment. A right choice of pigment and physician will ensure that your treatment is effective. International Hairlines has the best SMP artists who will make sure that you get your desired look.