Is Scalp Micropigmentation Permanent?

Is Scalp Micropigmentation Permanent?

Hair loss is a common problem among men and women. Androgenetic alopecia or other hair loss problems can affect your confidence or personal life. Many hair loss remedies fail to provide visible results while others may take a long time to grow back your hair. Regularly taking medications or applying creams make seem tiring at times.

However, if you want a quick solution to hair loss that is completed within two to three sessions, then opt for SMP. Scalp Micropigmentation will give the appearance of a fresh buzz cut on your scalp.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a semi-permanent treatment that will maintain its fresh look for around three to five years. The SMP treatment will fade over time depending on your maintenance and care. SMP is a permanent makeup treatment that will remain on your scalp for an extended period.

Scalp Micropigmentation won’t stop your hair loss or regrow your lost hair. However, it will offer you an escape from the traumatic experience by creating the image of hair follicles. It is ideal for people suffering from alopecia, male pattern baldness, grey hair, scars, or receding hairlines.

Tattoos vs Scalp Micropigmentation

SMP is often compared to the process of permanent tattoos. Both use pigments to create permanent makeup on your skin or scalp which lightens over time. SMP is often called a hair tattoo or scalp tattoo. However, SMP is quite different from traditional tattoos.

SMP treatment uses finer and thinner needles than conventional tattoos. The machines and needles are explicitly designed for the SMP process. SMP also uses a different technique than that used in traditional tattoos. Pointillism, the SMP technique, uses hundreds and thousands of incredibly tiny strokes to create the shape of hair follicles. These tiny strokes look real to the naked eye and mimic the effect of natural hair follicles.

The SMP treatment process starts with a consultation. The SMP practitioner will discuss your needs and budget. The first two seasons will be scheduled 14 days apart to allow the scalp to heal. The third session is generally not required in most cases.

How Long Does SMP Last?

How Long Does SMP Last?

Scalp Micropigmentation falls under the category of permanent cosmetics. However, depending on your aftercare and lifestyle, your SMP treatment may require a touch-up. Scalp Micropigmentation can often last as long as 7 years in some cases.

Many factors contribute to how quickly the SMP process will fade. Regular sun exposure can lighten your Scalp Micropigmentation within two to three years. You must avoid the ultraviolet rays of the sun to make the SMP procedure last.

Darker pigment tones usually last longer than the lighter ones. Your skin also determines the staying power of your SMP treatment. People with a darker tone will benefit from the SMP procedure for a longer time. If you have dry skin you are more likely to witness a faster fading of the process.

Though the Scalp Micropigmentation may lighten over time, the hair follicle’s image will never go away completely. You can opt for regular touch-ups to keep your SMP treatment look pristine all the time. Even though the SMP is a permanent solution, you can still change your look after some years.

How To Prevent The SMP Process From Fading?

The first step is to avoid direct exposure to the sun and harmful UV rays. Apply a good sunscreen to your scalp or cover your scalp with a scarf or cap before you head out in the sun. It will prevent the fading of your SMP as well as skin damage.

You must refrain from harsh chemical exfoliators and shampoos as they will make your skin peel off quickly. Opt for a tea tree oil-based natural exfoliating cleanser to remove all dead cells and skin flakes. You must also moisturize your scalp once a day if you regularly wash your scalp with warm water. Hot water tends to dehydrate your skin and cause a flaky scalp.

High-quality Ink To Enhance The SMP Process

The use of high-quality ink will guarantee the longevity of your Scalp Micropigmentation process. Opt for an SMP center that uses carbon-based, organic black pigment. It will ensure that the pigment won’t change over time and create a lasting impression.

A skilled SMP practitioner will use the right ink and ensure that the hair strokes blend seamlessly with your complexion. International Hairlines is one of the leading SMP practitioners. They use the best quality ink and equipment to deliver an SMP treatment that will stand the test of time.