How To Remove Scalp Micropigmentation?

How To Remove Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Getting scalp micropigmentation can be a big step in your hair journey. It is one of the most popular non-surgical hair procedures chosen by people with hair problems. It is effective in cases of a receding hairline, bald spots, alopecia and even in the case of complete balding. It is also chosen by people because it is very easy to maintain. There are a lot of questions that come up before people decide to get it. One of the most common questions deals with the concept of it being permanent. You are probably wondering if you can remove scalp micropigmentation if you want to.

How can you get rid of it?

The process of getting scalp micropigmentation is somewhat similar to that of getting a tattoo. Needles deposit pigment under the upper layer of your scalp which mimics the look of hair follicles. Similarly, the process of removal is also the same. There are three methods which are popular in the industry today. Laser removals, saline removal and UNDO system are the methods that have worked well.

Lasers have been the most popular method simply because people don’t know about other technologies. Lasers are used to break down the pigments into smaller particles. These are then treated by the body as foreign particles and get removed eventually through the body’s lymphatic system. Lasers can be painful because of the heat on the surface of the skin. Lasers also work well on light skin tones. People with darker skin tones have often been disappointed with the results. High levels of melanin in the skin are a problem for lasers. Additionally, the cases of hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation after laser treatments are also substantial. However, there are other options that have very few side effects compared to lasers.

The next methods, saline removals and the UNDO Deracination process are similar to each other. The process of saline removal is pretty straight forward. A needle is used with saline water, and the ink comes to the surface through the process of osmosis. But, because of the saline water, skin experiences scabbing and falls off, which takes a longer time to heal. This can be eliminated by choosing the UNDO process.

UNDO is an advanced and safe three-step process to get the pigment and inks out of your skin. The three stages are applying a serum, a lifting mask and a recovery mask in order. A special deracination serum is implanted to the skin which is designed to bring the pigment to the surface for its removal. The lifting mask is applied next which pulls toxins and any leftover pigment from the skin. The mask is made up of clay mainly, which is known for doing wonders for the skin. The process is completed with the application of a recovery mask. The mask promotes healing and supplies the skin with a lot of beneficial ingredients. You can get satisfactory results in fewer sessions and the healing time is also minimal. This is one of the best and safest ways to remove scalp micropigmentation, tattoos or any permanent makeup.

While options for removing pigmentation are readily available, it is not a painless and cheap process, so it is imperative that you choose the right scalp pigmentation practitioner in the first place. While you may pay a little bit more for an experienced SMP practitioner because of the artistry and permanency of the procedure, it will save you thousands and a lot of agony in the long run versus receiving botched or less than satisfactory work from an inexperienced practitioner.