Early Signs of Male Pattern Baldness

Early Signs of Male Pattern Baldness

Early Signs of Male Pattern Baldness

Like several other aging signs, male pattern baldness does not happen very quickly or overnight. For majority of the men suffering from the issue, balding is a slow and gradual process.

One effective key to stop hair loss problem is visibly noticing various baldness signs and under such circumstances, one should take proper action as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Simply put, sooner you manage to take any necessary action for preventing hair loss, you would manage to save more of your hair.

The fact is that it is not quite easy to identify symptoms of hair loss always. A few of the common and obvious signs of the problem of hair loss that you usually notice is mistaken as normal loss of hair and the male pattern typical baldness cannot be identified on time.

However, you can look for the real early symptoms of male pattern typical baldness & deal with the problem of your hair loss at the right time for damage control and prevent further damage.

Here is a list of three major signs that indicate male pattern baldness and we would also discuss the effective ways for preventing hair loss.

The visible change in the hairline

The obvious balding sign is a very visible change in the hairline which you can observe. Baldness very often begins by receding the hairline that can be a mild or flat receding of the hairline as compared to your previous hairline. For many people, this usually begins in the temples as well in the crown. This must be kept in mind that there would be thinning of hair firstly in your temple or crown rather than complete hair loss.

You should try comparing two of your photos – one taken years back and the one taken in the present time. Comparing both photos will help you understand if there are obvious signs of hair loss in your case.

Visible thinning of hair

Not every person goes bald with a visible receding of the hairline. A few men also experience the phenomenon of diffuse thinning. This is a kind of hair loss which would either affect the complete scalp or maybe in certain areas of the scalp mostly the crown. This results in initiating baldness that usually initiates from the top or back, rather than you are noticing a receding of your hairline.

As in the case of receding hairline, you would adopt the simplest way of spotting a diffused thinning. This can be done by comparing the photos from the various periods. In case you are noticing that the hair in your scalp is looking comparatively thinner as compared to your photos several years earlier, then there is a major chance that this is male pattern typical baldness.

As you do not normally take the photos from your back, the simplest way in comparing the right thickness level of your hair within a course of time in every passage of two months in your mirror.

In case you’re noticing the hair on your crown continually thinning with each passing year, this is worth taking some necessary actions for preventing any more loss.

Excessive loss of hair after a shower or after brushing

This is a very normal phenomenon to lose some hair after taking a shower or comb/brush your hair. On average, even normal people lose somewhere around 100 hair per day.

However, when you start noticing an excessive or abnormally high amount of hair continuously falling off all through the day, then there is a risk of heading towards male pattern typical baldness.

Before ending up being panicky, you must know that there is usually temporary fall of hair that can take place, and this can be because of several reasons like psychological stress, high fevers and medication usage. This kind of loss of hair is generally temporary and you would notice that there are several hairs on the pillow every morning for mostly one to two weeks.

In case you notice that there is substantial hair loss continuously for a longer time, you necessarily should consider seeking out medical help in controlling the damage.

What can be done to reduce the level of hair loss and to prevent baldness?

Scalp micropigmentation is found to be one of the very advanced treatments in terms of reducing excessive hair loss. This does not stimulate the growth of hair but creates a good illusion of having hair follicles. This procedure is basically a kind of tattoo on your scalp as this uses a characteristic electronic tattoo device. This is one of the most inexpensive methods of treatments as compared to the expensive hair transplant treatments. This is seen to be semi-permanent and lasts up to a period of approximately eight years.