International Hairlines was born in beautiful sunny South Florida, which, darkly enough, has also unfortunately become known as the hub of bad SMP work. Due to the lack of regulations in Florida, there have been too many practitioners who have entered into the business with zero or little training and are looking to make a quick buck by consistently botching clients’ scalps and, even worse, training others in one or two days.

There are literally only a handful of good SMP artists in South Florida, headed by none other than Seif Sidky. Seif Sidky decided to create a new international scalp micropigmentation brand that only associates with the world’s best SMP artists would be able to join, a brand that is distinguished for quality results, consistently. IHL was built as an integrity-driven company that nurtures new artists for the long term. The principle is to train and support the artists to be the perfectionists that they can be when taught correctly in an environment of positivity. The current status quo of hit-or-miss partially trained staff is not acceptable as this industry continues to grow. This problem is not unique or confined to Florida – it is prevalent around the world. But where there is a problem, there is an solution. To date the Boca Raton SMP Training Center has taught many students from across all 50 states and from 10 international countries. The Training Center was built to create a core of exceptional SMP artists with hand-on training by Seif’s hand-selected staff. It is very important that you have the best in the world providing your SMP treatments. Don’t settle for Second Best.



The name “International Hairlines” stems from our ability to accurately reproduce any type of hairline in a natural and undetectable manner. Whether it is a hard, sharp hairline, popular in the United States, or a softer, gradually receded hairline (more popular in Europe), widow’s peaks and every shape in between, we have practiced and perfected it all – hairlines from all around the world. Since the hairline is literally in the forefront of scalp micropigmentation, we believe that if it lacks a natural appearance, the results will not look on par with our standards, so that is why we take great pride in our hairlines. Aside from the hairline, our artists also pay very close attention to key factors such as blending, matching, feathering, density-building, texturing, scar concealment, etc., in order to produce those undetectable natural results.

Most practitioners have been trained to use one type of needle when performing scalp micropigmentation. Not our artists! They are trained to use different types of needles in order to achieve the optimal results. Not every skin type can be treated by one needle exclusively. The art and the experience rests in being able to determine when and where to utilize the many tools available at our artists’ disposal.

what is

vertical SMP™?

To understand the concept of verticality in scalp micropigmentation (SMP) one must recognize two facts: Firstly, scalp Micropigmentation is an art that is created on a 1-dimentional surface (the skin), and secondly, the pigment is actually implanted below the surface of the skin (epidermis). These two facts make it a challenging prospect to create a 3-dimentional effect that mimics hair “sprouting” out of the skin. However, the evolution of scalp micropigmentation techniques combined with our experience in treating over 2000 clients has enabled us to perfect the scalp arts of symmetry, realism and seamlessness.

Our Vertical SMP™ Technique uses layering over a number of sessions (typically 3 or 4) to create the illusion of real 3-dimentional textured hair stubble versus the flat-looking shadow effect of traditional scalp micropigmentation.

Depending on the degree of texture and fullness required by our clients to match their native hair, we customize a plan to build up their SMP from the ground up (or from the skin up in this case). We start by creating a foundation, typically in the first session, that mimics the look and matches the color of the hair follicles under the skin, which is typically a lighter shade of grey, which is the first layer to settle into the dermis. Then, in the subsequent sessions, we progressively build upon that foundation with darker pigment, and along with manipulation of the size of the pigment impressions accordingly, we create that “vertical hair shaft” effect, with each shade and size of pigment impressions settling at different layers of the dermis. Upon healing when looking at the skin from above, it will have that desired verticality and that texture we desire in perfect SMP.

Our vertical scalp micropigmentation work




The founder and owner of International Hairlines, Seif has quickly become one of the most recognized and well-respected international SMP artists and trainers. A consummate perfectionist, his innate attention to detail, combined with his passion for helping people feel their best has helped him produce some outstanding scalp micropigmentation work on clients from all walks of life and of different backgrounds. While with Scalp Aesthetics in past years as a beginner, Seif received awards for the artist who produces the “Best Natural Hairline” as well as the “Best Business” award, and in the process has become one of the busiest and most successful artists in the world. He has since been awarded as “Best International Practitioner” at the Scalp Guru awards in 2018 and for “Excellence in Education” at the International Permanent Cosmetics Show in 2019.

He also runs his training academy (International Hairlines Academy) and also occasionally treats some clients, more specifically those who need SMP repair work, Alopecia patients and other certain challenges. He is one of the most sought-after artists for repairing bad SMP procedures. He is now concentrating on training, mentoring, and helping other artists develop the skills necessary to make it in this industry. Seif is in charge of mentoring the locations in South Florida, North Carolina as well as Cairo, Egypt, from where he originates.

Seif strongly believes in continuous education and training, and that is why he is constantly studying and learning how to further improve the craft of SMP, for himself and for his students and mentees. He is dedicated to doing his part in ensuring this industry maintains very high standards and not succumb to unscrupulous people taking advantage of the lack of regulation, and of potential clients in the process, thereby tarnishing what others have worked so hard to accomplish.

Seif Sidky
International Hairlines

Annie Delgado
(SMP Artist)

International Hairlines

Graziano Guarino
(SMP Artist)

I’m Graziano born and raised in Naples, Italy. Spent years living abroad throughout London , Spain, Center America and finally here in the United States . I’m a perfectionist with an eye for detail which makes me so great at my art . Outside of work I enjoy motocross , boxing and the ocean . I’m fluent is Italian, Spanish and English.

International Hairlines
International Hairlines

Candice Piroli
(Master Artist – Pittsburgh)

Candice Piroli is an international permanent makeup artist, tattoo removal, scalp micropigmentation, and skin therapist and trainer.  She is the owner of Estetique Solutions and the co-founder of Estetique International and UNDO Non-Laser Tattoo Removal, along with Seif Sidky. 

Candice has trained in permanent makeup and paramedical tattooing with the USA and Europe’s top elite trainers.  She has over 19 years of experience in the beauty industry and 7 years in permanent cosmetics making her knowledgeable and patient.  Candice only uses the highest quality pigments and tools for her treatments and her office hygiene is exceptional.  She prides herself on maintaining the highest standards of care for each and every client and student.


Hello, my name is Jerod Schoonmaker, my friend’s call me Jay. I wanted to tell you a little bit about me and how I got started in this field. I have always been in one form or another in the medical field. I was a flight medic for 12 years in the United States Air Force and have always had a desire for help others. I started losing my hair when I was just 18, it didn’t become really noticeable till around 25 so I decided to do what many do, and shaved it off. I kept this look for 14 years but wasn’t satisfied with this as being my only option. I decided to look for something else instead of hair plugs, pills, chemicals, etc. So, I did a Google search and found a few different companies that did a procedure called micro-pigmentation. I had no clue what this was so I started to research it and two years later I decided to go get the procedure done.

After my procedure, I looked 10 years younger. Still today people don’t believe I’m 42 years old. This has been the best investment I’ve made in myself in a long while. I wanted to help others who are looking for real solutions. I began my training under Joe Taylor who then was the head trainer for Scalp Aesthetics and opened up my own location in Syracuse about 2 years ago. I am so happy to be part of the International Hairlines family and look forward to working with you in your quest to find an alternative way to your hair loss. You owe it to yourself to really look into this procedure.



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Michela Segni
Shourouk Zaki
Omar Barrada
Bassem Mohsen
Kareem Omran
Farah Hefny

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